bannière greysuit

bannière greysuit

Doctor Who Audio Play: The Scapegoat

the scapegoat ©Mills/big finish productions
Series: Doctor Who Audio Play

Publisher: Big Finish Productions

Published: 2009 (first print)

ISBN/print: 978-1-84435-397-2

Size/binding: regular CD jewel case (60 min)

Title: The Scapegoat

Director: Nicholas Briggs


The TARDIS lands in Paris in the 'Théatre des Baroques'. Here, there is a man who has died on stage near ten thousand times, the most assassinated man in the world Max Paul. But tonight there is a Doctor in the house...


The Doctor: Paul McGann
Lucie Miller: Sheridan Smith
Mother Baroque: Samantha Bond
Major Treptow: Clifford Rose
Doc Baroque: ChristopherFairbank
Max Paul: Paul Rhys
Leutnant: Thorston Manderlay
Helene: Beth Chalmers


From Pat Mills writer's notes: "Looking for a scapegoat is a concept that seems universal in our civilisation. Whether it is picking on a kid in the classroom, a black sheep in the family or a nation in the world, we have to blame everything on and make it all their fault. This need for a scapegoat in the human psyche was recognised by ancient peoples who ritualised it and even made it the basis of many religions.

So when I interested script editor Alan Barnes in a story inspired by the Grand Guignol Theatre of Horror in Paris, where an actor 'died' on stage over and over again, I saw an opportunity for a scapegoat to be at the heart of it. Alan had already researched Grand Guignol for his own possible Doctor Who story set in World War II and very generously passed on his valuable research.  With other French details such as Parisian disguises for the TARDIS, the scene was set for a story about the ultimate scapegoat.

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