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Interviews and Articles

This section will be updated later for entries preceding April 2013.


14/09/2017 The Quietus (Mills and doom: interview by Joel McIver, digital)
23/08/2017 The 2000 AD Thrillcast (podcast interview by Mickael Molcher about Sláine The Horned God, with Pat Mills and Simon Bisley)
31/07/2017 Future Shock! The Story of 2000 AD (feature documentary by Paul Goodwin, extended version BR)
24/07/2017 The Awesome Podcast (conversation with Pat and Lisa, digital)
22/07/2017 Q&A with Pat Mills (from SpokenWorld Audio, video)
20/07/2017 ComicArtPodcast (The Lake Comic Art Festival, audio)
17/07/2017 RT's oingUnderground (youtube channel, interview by Afshin, Rattensi, video)
26/06/2017 HeraldScotland (interview by Teddy Jamieson on the history of 2000 AD and British comics, digital)
23/06/2017 Doctor Who Essential #11 Adventures in Space (interview by Mark Wright about The Song of the Space Whale story, hard copy)
16/06/2017 CBR (interview by Kiel Phegley about 40 years of 2000 AD and Judge Dredd roots, digital)
10/06/2016 BruceTringale (French website, interview by Bruce Lit, digital)
06/06/2017 ComicBook (conversation with Pat Mills by Russ Burlingame, digital)
04/06/2017 Chris McAuley FB page (in depth interview of Pat Mills, digital, part two, part three, part four)
03/05/2017 The 2000 AD Thrillcast (podcast interview by Mickael Molcher about FCBD 2017, audio)
26/04/2017 The 2000 AD Thrillcast (podcast interview by Prof Riptide about the 40 Years of Thrill-power festival, audio)
18/04/2017 The Arts Show BBC Radio Ulster (interview by Steven Rainey about Serial Killer and the differences between Boys and Girls comics, audio)
05/04/2017 The 2000AD Thrillcast (podcast interview by Mickael Molcher about Defoe, audio)
22/02/2017 2000 AD 40th Anniversary Primer (stapled with the 40th Anniversary Special, hard copy)
30/01/2016 BBC News Scotland (about Read Em and Weep Inspiration, digital)
28/01/2017 Pipedream Comics Interview (on Read Em and Weep, digital)
14/01/2017 BBCRadioLondon ((interview by Samira Ahmed about Read Em and Weep, audio)
12/01/2017 BFBS Big Friday Show (interview by Hal stewart about 2000 AD #2000 and Read em and Weep, audio)

14/12/2016 2000 AD #2011 (article about Misty and interview about Read Em And Weep Book One Serial Killer by Stephen Jewell)
09/12/2016 The 2000ad Review Page (part two, Kevin Hall Facebook page with Pat Mills Q&A, digital)
16/11/2016 The 2000AD Thrillcast (podcast interview by Mickael Molcher about 2000 AD The script book, audio)
23/09/2016 BFBS Big Friday Show (interview by Hal stewart about 2000 AD #2000 and Read em and Weep, audio)
06/09/2016 Front Row BBC radio 4 (interview by Samira Ahmed about Misty reprint, audio)
31/08/2016 Herald Scotland: Graphic Content: Pat Mills tells the behind-the-scenes story of 1970s girl horror comic Misty (interview by Teddy Jamiesondigital)
25/08/2016 Geeky Monkey #12 (article/interview by Will Cooling about the 2000th issue of 2000 AD, hardcopy and digital)
24/08/2016 The 2000 AD Thrill Cast (podcast interview by Mickael Molcher about Misty, audio)
23/08/2016 Bigmouthmag (a very thoughtful evocation of Action! through Pat Mills memories, digital)
22/07/2016 The 2000 AD Review Page (Kevin Hall FB page hosted an interview of Pat Mills as writer of the Month, digital)
20/05/2016 ECBT 2000ad podcast "The Pat Mills Interview (3 parts, ep 255-256-257" (audio)
13/05/2016 LBF16 The Graphic Galaxy Panel Overview (with Sylvain Rungberg and Pat Mills, digital plus links to video excepts)
12/05/2016 Carabas: A Cofee with ... Pat Mills at the London Book Fair (three parts article/interview, digital)
12/05/2016 Undercover Capes Creators Spotlight (podcast interview of Pat Mills, audio)
13/03/2016 Kevin Hall's Movie Moments (Kevin Hall talks with Pat Mills and Michael Carroll, digital)
01/03/2016 Comics Unlimited #3 (interview by Glenn Fleming about Charley's War, digital)
14/02/2016 Kevin Hall's Epic Entertainment Show (Kevin Hall interview of Pat Mills, audio)
06/01/2016 The 2000ad Review Page (Kevin Hall Facebook page with Pat Mills Q&A, digital)

16/12/2015 Judge Dredd Megazine #367 (inputs on The New Eagle relaunch, hardcopy and digital)
28/12/2015 Radio Cardiff Breakfast (a 6 minutes interview starting around 1h 36 min, with Rhys Phillips about the revival of the Bovril Brigade, audio)
07/12/2015 Future Shock! The Story of 2000 AD (feature documentary by Paul Goodwin, dvd)
05/11/2015 Flickering Myth (interview about Dan Dare led by Villordsutch, digital)
28/04/2015 Red Carpet News TV (Pat Mills interview during MCM Comic Con, video)
27/10/2015 2000 AD Thrill-Cast (podcast interview by Molch-R about Dan Dare with Dave Gibbons, audio)
26/06/2015 Big Glasgow Comic Page (interview by the BGCP team, digital)
15/04/2015 2000 AD Thrill-Cast (podcast interview by Molch-R about Sláine with Simon Davis, audio)
30/03/2015 The Fizzy Pop Culture Thing (podcast interview by John Byrne, audio)
27/03/2015 GCE (interview led by Jeff Fountain, digital)
27/03/2015 Bleeding Cool (MCM Comic Con Birmingham interview by Olly MacNamee, digital)
20/03/2015 ProcessComics Podcast (about Pat's Carreer, part 2, audio)
09/02/2015 Salon SoBD 2014 (about French edition of Charley's War, video)
01/02/2015 Life Is a Hideous Thing (Dave Pybus' blog, 2 parts audio)
15/01/2015 Dystopia (Dave Golder's essai on dystopia with foreword by Pat Mills, hardcopy)

19/12/2014 Mass Movement (about what's ruined Pat's life digital)
05/12/2014 University of Liverpool (about a Pat's lecture, digital)
04/12/2014 Forbidden Planet blog (interview regrading Pat's best of the year 2014, digital)
15/10/2014 Comic Box #90 (French, general interview, hard copy)
17/09/2014 Judge Dredd Megazine #352 (on Brother's In Arms, hardcopy & digital)
15/09/2014 To Arms! (WW1 anthology, hardcopy & digital)
03/09/2014 Pipedream Comics Interview (on digital publishing of Requiem Vampire Knight, digital)
30/08/2014 Herald Scotland (collective interview about IDP: 2043, digital)
18/08/2014 Big Comic Page (article/interview about Diceman, digital)
06/08/2014 Forbidden Planet blog (interview regarding A.B.C. Warriors Mek Files, digital)
23/07/2014 ECC ediciones site (digital)
17/07/2014 To End All Wars (Pat Mills' 4 page introduction for this graphic anthology, hardcopy)
17/07/2014 Mass Movement #40 (digital)
06/07/2014 The Radioactive Lounge (2 parts audio)
23/06/2014 cbc radio "WWI centennial: Klay and Mills on the 'Great War's' cultural impact" (audio)
30/04/2014 ComicBookNews (interview regarding A.B.C. Warriors Mek Files, digital)
29/04/2014 ECBT 2000ad podcast "Everything Starts with Pat Mills" (audio)
25/04/2014 Culturebd Interview (digital)
06/03/2014 ECBT 2000ad podcast 155 (3 parts audio)
04/03/2014 Digital Spy Interview (digital)
10/02/2014 Dorkland! (digital)
01/02/2014 Rencontre International of th 41th Festival de la bande dessinée d'Angoulême (video)
25/01/2014 Kaboom #4 (French, hardcopy)
31/01/2014 Mass Movement (digital)
29/01/2014 Destructive Music (digital)

19/10/2013 Comic Archive Beyond 2000 AD (hardcopy & digital)
24/10/2013 Pop Culture Bandit (digital)
18/09/2013 Pipedream Comics Interview (digital)
13/09/2013 Amazing stories Interview (digital)
11/09/2013 Comics culture Interview (digital)
11/09/2013 Judge Tutor Semple Interview (digital)
09/08/2013 SFX Interview (digital)
25/06/2013 Gosh! Interview with Kevin O'Neill about Marshal Law (video)
01/04/2013 dBD #72 (French, hardcopy)

01/07/2010 Scuola Di Fumetto #75 (Italian, hardcopy)
16/06/2010 Sunnyside Comics/2D Comics Festival (

01/11/2008 SciFiNow #22 (career interview by Danny Graydon, hardcopy

01/03/2007 Thrill-Power Overload (hardcopy)

11/03/2003 Judge Dredd Megazine #203 (hardcopy)

01/06/1992 Comic Collector #4 (hardcopy)

Articles about Pat Mills

17/08/2013 Judge Dredd Megazine #339 (hardcopy)
01/04/2013 Back Issue #63 (article about Marshal Law, hardcopy)

Articles written By Pat Mills

Note that I will not referenced here the articles written by Pat for his blog, or his website.

22/04/2013 Comic Heroes #18 (hardcopy)

Lectures/conferences/live chats

08/07/2017 Marxism Festival (event held at Student Central in London, Pat Mills conference about The politics of 2000 AD hosted by Sasha Simic)
26/04/2017 2000 AD 40 Years of Thrill-power festival (Pat Mills carrer retrospective, panel hosted by Tony Esmond, audio and video)
21/04/2017 Look Who's Torquing (FB live chat about Torquemada, video, second part here)
30/03/2017 Chat with Pat ((FB live chat, video)
13/12/2016 Technique in Comics Writing and Graphic Novels (lecture at Hampshire Writers’ Society)
17/12/2014 The Famous War Comics (lecture at Liverpool University, audio)