bannière abc

bannière abc

26/08/2016 Vampires Ball new edition is out in digital form!

Volume 4 of the English digital adaptation of Requiem Vampire Knight Glénat reprint has been issued this week, again through Gumroad. Volume 1 is still available for free.

Also this Month, Pat Mills evokes Action magazine with bigmouthmag UK, talks about Misty during the latest 2000 AD podcast, and celebrates in Geeky Monkey #12 the forthcoming 2000th issue of 2000 AD (with new Nemesis The warlock strips illustrated by Kevin O'Neill!!!)

17/08/2016 August Releases!

The second and last volume of Ro-Busters The Complete Nuts and Bolts has been issued last week. Another beautiful production from Rebellion!

The content of this edition is detailed here (are you able to spot Pat Mills and Dave Gibbons on the cover?)

Two volumes of the Requiem Vampire Knight series has been published earlier this month in digital form. First there was volume 3, Dracula, in its Glénat reprint form at Gumroad:

And then two days later it was the turn of volume 9, The City of Pirates, in its original Nickel form at comixology (all relevant comixology links can be found below).

And don't miss Pat latest post on his blog.

Misty and Greysuit should be next in September.

31/07/2016 Recent Releases and Forthcoming Thrills

Both Judge Dredd The Cursed Earth Uncensored and A.B.C. Warriors Return to Ro-Busters collected editions have been released this Month, on the 14th July.
Regarding Return to Ro-Busters, the book is described there.

As of The Cursed Earth Uncensored I chose to buy the limited edition signed by Chris Lowder and John Wagner, with an A3 poster from Mike McMahon original art. It is described in detail here (all in all it is my tenth version of that story).

Clint Langley's activity in association with Pat Mills doesn't end with Return to Ro-Busters collected edition as he is working on the collected edition of American Reaper, and he will take the art duty on Flesh! (images from Clint FB page).

Let's also pinpoint this interview of Pat Mills by Kevin Hall on the Facebook 2000 AD Review Page.

02/07/2016 Requiem French Reprint Volume 4 and 2000 AD #1987 Sláine's Cover

The fourth volume of Requiem French reprint published by Glénat is out since June the 22th. Again, this edition features a new wraparound cover and some extra illustrations. For further details see here.

This week, Sláine makes the cover of 2000 AD #1987 (courtesy of Simon davis) for the penultimate episode of Psychopomp.

19/06/2016 Requiem Vampire Knight DRM free and stunning Sláine 2000 AD cover

Sláine makes the cover of this week's prog (with his mother Macha), courtesy of Mister Simon Davis..

While Requiem Vampire Knight digital collection will continue to be published through Comixology, a DRM free version (in .pdf or .cbz files) are now available to buy through Gumroad. The two first volumes are out following the 2016 Glénat reprint design and content.

Here is the wraparound cover for volume two in all its grandeur!

And the beauty of hi-res quality scans are we can zoom at will to admire all the detailed work of Olivier Ledroit, for instance:

The almost annual ECBT 2000 AD Pat Mills interview podcast is now available via itunes or at the Libsyn Webpage as a direct download, in three comprehensive parts. Some interesting info about Pat's projects (at the moment and future releases).