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17/11/2016 Pat Mills, Serial Writer

Things have been crazy at work these past weeks, so I have a lot to catch up with my news and updates.

The big news this Month is the mock-up reveal of the Pat Mills and Kevin O'Neill Read Em and Weep novel ("book one", yeah!):

All relevant information can be found on the all improved Millsverse website. The book will be launched by the authors during the 2000 AD 40th Anniversary event in February 2017 (Sat. 11).

Two Pat Mills strips are currently running in the prog, and they have make the cover for 2000 AD #2004 and #2007 (Savage Book Ten The Märze Murderer):

and for 2000 AD #2005 (Flesh Gorehead)

cover by Clint Langley

Three brand new Marshal Law T-Shirts have been produced through Plastichead, and they are gorgeous!!!

Meanwhile, UnboxIndustries have revealed through their Instagram account, the 3D model of their forthcoming Marshal Law "Dressed To Kill" figure:

This Month has also seen the 2000 AD Script Book hitting the shelves. It includes Pat script for Sláine A Simple Killing part 7 (along Alan Davis art as published in 2000 AD #1880):

The book is discussed with Pat Mills, on this week 2000 AD Thrillcast.

Latter this Month, Rebellion will release the TPB version of Judge Dredd The Cursed Earth Uncensored, and there is again a limited edition with a signed bookplate to grab through the 2000 AD shop (200 copies).

Notice that the Forbidden Planet webstore has also advertised a limited edition with a signed bookplate by McMahon, but I don't know if it will be the same bookplate (the visuals are different):

As of the latest Greysuit reprint, The Monarch Dossier, it seems to have been postponed for 2017.

In France, Judge Dredd The Complete Case File 01 Anniversary Edition has been translated by Delirium, and it is a HUGE book (see below), with an exclusive 7 pages introduction by Pat Mills including the one page Manning strip that has inspired Wagner and Mills to create Dredd. All details about this beautiful edition can be found here.

I will finish this post with an optimistic note, as I have spotted on that Panini UK hopes to publish at the end of 2017 Vol.6 of the English version of Requiem Vampire Knight, that will includes French Tome 11 & 12.

Don't keep your hopes high as tome 12 has not been published yet in France, nor announced (nor produced?).

And again, what about a few teasers uploaded by Clint Langley on his Facebook page:

06/10/2016 Ready for another two thousand issues?

Last week saw the return of the Arch Deviant himself, Nemesis The Warlock (as well as Torquemada) in the 2000th issue of 2000 AD. Six pages of Kevin O'Neill greatness!!

And the party has just begun as Flesh (with Clint Langley) and Savage (with Patrick Goddard) have returned in prog #2001 this week. Zarjaz cover courtesy of Clint Langley!

And a few teasers uploaded by Clint Langley on his Facebook page.

24/09/2016 Read Em and Weep, Misty Reprint, Marshal Law Collectible, And Tons of Interviews!

The dynamic duo behind Nemesis The Warlock, Metalzoïc and Marshal Law are back for a text novel about a comics writer/serial killer due in February 2017 (for the first part), and believe me, these two guys mean business.

The first polemic review of this new series (and other great insights about it) can be found here.

Meanwhile, the reprint of Pat Mills and John Armstrong's Moonchild in the Misty paperback has hit the shelves (with a beautiful cover by the late Shirley Bellwood):

All details about this edition can be found in this blog here.

To celebrate the publishing of the Misty reprint, the 2000th issue of 2000 AD, and Read Em And Weep announcement, Pat Mills has participated to many interviews and article in the past weeks. I have tried to gather an exhaustive list in the dedicated section of this blog (latest link to the BFBS radio show to follow soon).

Unbox Industries have revealed their work in progress (from Kevin O'Neill's inputs) on their Marshal Law figure, and man, it's gonna be mind blowing!

2000 AD has teased the next Flesh serial with artist Clint Langley ...

... and Glénat Editions have announced that their Requiem Chevalier Vampire collection reprint will continue with volume 5 in the beginning of 2017.

Next, and very, very soon, Nemesis The Warlock returns in 2000 AD #2000!

26/08/2016 Vampires Ball new edition is out in digital form!

Volume 4 of the English digital adaptation of Requiem Vampire Knight Glénat reprint has been issued this week, again through Gumroad. Volume 1 is still available for free.

Also this Month, Pat Mills evokes Action magazine with bigmouthmag UK, talks about Misty during the latest 2000 AD podcast, and celebrates in Geeky Monkey #12 the forthcoming 2000th issue of 2000 AD (with new Nemesis The warlock strips illustrated by Kevin O'Neill!!!)

17/08/2016 August Releases!

The second and last volume of Ro-Busters The Complete Nuts and Bolts has been issued last week. Another beautiful production from Rebellion!

The content of this edition is detailed here (are you able to spot Pat Mills and Dave Gibbons on the cover?)

Two volumes of the Requiem Vampire Knight series has been published earlier this month in digital form. First there was volume 3, Dracula, in its Glénat reprint form at Gumroad:

And then two days later it was the turn of volume 9, The City of Pirates, in its original Nickel form at comixology (all relevant comixology links can be found below).

And don't miss Pat latest post on his blog.

Misty and Greysuit should be next in September.