bannière greysuit

bannière greysuit

13/08/2017 Requiem Vampire Knight Vol 11 Dead Love in English Language!

For the time being already available through Gumroad (and very soon on Comixology) , Requiem Vampire Knight Vol 11 Dead Love is finally available in English language (digital editions only).

Paul Goodwin's 2015 documentary, Future Shocks: The Story of 2000 AD, is available since July as a special bluray edition, with tons of extras contents (and an additional booklet limited to the first pressing).

In July 2017, Pat Mills has joined the Marxism Festival event to do a lecture about The Politics of 2000 AD (conference held by Sasha Simic). A video of this lecture has now been uploaded on Youtube.

And in newsstands since last June, one can put his hands on an interview of Pat by Mark Wright, in The Essential Doctor Who #11 Adventure in Space (related to The Song of the Space Whale, one of the most famous Doctor Who "lost stories", adapted as an audio drama The Song of Megaptera).

And to finish, a very interesting competition!

06/08/2017 Vampire Knights on the Radar!

The digital English version of vol 10 of the Requiem Vampire Knight series, Blood Bath, is out on Comixology since August the 2nd! Related links to get your copy are at the bottom section of this blog. Here is its uncensored cover (included in the comic):

Vol 11, Dead Love, never before published in English language, will follow soon.

One day before, on the 1st of August, SpokenWorld Audio have released the audio version of Be Pure! Be Vigilant! Behave!

Starting in September, Claudia Vampire Knight (drawn by Franck Tacito) will be reprinted in French by Glénat (books and digital) with new covers by Olivier Ledroit. The three first volumes, out of four (so far), are already planned. Go to the Forthcoming Releases section of this blog to get the expected issue dates.

Hope these reprints will feature the original covers by Franck Tacito (most probably, as it is the case for the Requiem Glénat reprints):

26/07/2017 Greysuit Foul Play

This is already the second part of the final installment of Greysuit (Foul Play) in this week's prog, 2000 AD #2041. Cover courtesy of Alex Ronald.

If you want to catch-up with Pat's (and Lisa!) current works, I can't recommend enough this very recent "awesome" podcast:

In the same spirit SpokenWorld Audio, that have been in charge of recording the audio version of Be Pure! Be Vigilant! Behave! (out on August the 1st), have organized a Q&A with Pat that can be seen here:

To finish this article, some self promoting stuff.

  • I have uploaded two days ago my latest article on my Marshal Law's blog, related to the story The Hateful Dead (1991).
  • And also on the Marshal Law's front, there is a new Facebook page that has been created recently to celebrate Mils & O'Neill hero hunter. Julian, the creator of this page has kindly made me one of its admins, and I am glad to be part of this project!

23/07/2017 Even during the holidays one must remain vigilant!

Indeed, I had a lot to catch up with Pat Mills numerous activities and publishing, but here we are!

Let's begin with the freshest news as the paperback edition of Be Pure! Be Vigilant! Behave! is now available with a brand new cover by Alex Ronald.

An audio version read by Pat himself will be also available through Spokenworld Audio on August 1st.

In no particular order, let's continue with the latest Requiem French reprints, tome 5 Dragon Blitz, and tome 6 Hellfire Club (both issued in May, with stunning new covers by Olivier Ledroit)

Sláine Psychopomp (Book Three of The Bruthania Chronicles) has been also released in May. It features a comprehensive extra section dedicated to Simon Davis art.

Defoe Diehards prepublication has now ended in prog #2039, after making the cover of prog #2033:

And since 2000 AD #2040, the final installement of Greysuit, Foul Play, has started.

Notice also that the issue #63 of the Judge Dredd Mega Collection (Brothers of the Blood) published last month, includes a reprint of The Return of Rico (by Mills & Ezquerra from 2000 AD #30).

The interviews, chat and conferences section has also been updated with the latest events involving Pat.