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bannière abc

05/05/2017 Free Comic Book Days of Future Past!

The Free Comic Book Day (FCBD) is upon us this next Saturday...

... with a new and exclusive Pat Mills story inside!

Future Shock: The story of 2000 AD documentary will have a new release in blu-ray form next July, with tons of exclusive content:


  • Exclusive brand new interview with Steve MacManus (25 mins) 
  • Extended chapter featurette: Cheap Entertainment The Appeal of comics (9 mins) 
  • Extended chapter featurette: Judge Dredd (13 mins) 
  • Extended chapter featurette: Dredd 2012 True in Spirit (13 mins) 
  • Extended chapter featurette: 2000AD Vs the USA (15 mins) 
  • 2000AD Strip featurette: Bad Company / Peter Milligan (5 mins) 
  • 2000AD Strip featurette: Tharg s Future Shocks / Various (8 mins) 
  • 2000AD Strip featurette: Rogue Trooper / Dave Gibbons & Cam Kennedy (7 mins) 
  • 2000AD Strip featurette: Slaine / Pat Mills (11 mins) 
  • 2000AD Strip featurette: Strontium Dog / Carlos Ezquerra (5 mins) 
  • Art Jam How to draw Dredd & Nemesis by Jock & Henry Flint (4 mins) 
  • Pat Mills visits Kings Reach Rower (6 mins) 
  • In the Soundtrack Studio with Justin Greaves (4 mins) 
  • Extended interview with Pat Mills (84 mins) 
  • Extended interview with Grant Morrison (33 mins) 
  • Extended interview with Neil Gaiman (17 mins) 
  • Extended interview with Dave Gibbons (47 mins) 
  • Extended interview with Karen Berger (33 mins) 
  • Blooper Reel (2 mins) 
  • Teaser Trailer 
  • UK Launch Trailer 
  • Reversible sleeve featuring original and newly commissioned artwork by Jock. 
  • FIRST PRESSING ONLY: Illustrated collector s booklet 

The first official picture of Accident Man, the movie, has been released!

07/04/2017 Defoe Returns in Diehards and New Requiem Reprints Covers revealed

French editor Glénat have revealed the new exclusive breathtaking covers for the next two reprints of Requiem Vampire Knight (by Olivier Ledroit), both scheduled for a May 25th release:

Defoe returns in next week prog, 2000 AD #2026, with a new artist, and a new story, Diehards (cover below by Cliff Robinson):

Check this week 2000 AD Thrillcast where Pat Mills is interviewed by Michael Molcher tabout the leveller detective.

And I have just received my 15th version of Sláine The Horned God by Pat Mills and Simon Bisley (first issue of the 2000 AD Ultimate Collection Hachette test trial).

02/04/2017 Nemesis Gosh! Print and Signed Read Em and Weep Paperback Edition

I had the lovely surprise to get one of the A/P version of the Gosh! limited Nemesis The Warlock print (the last produced for their 30th anniversary, five copies left at the time I am writing this article). Thanks Lisa and Pat for that (and of course the talented Kevin O'Neill)!

Here it is in its framed glory:

Now it is possible to order a paperback copy of Read Em and Weep 1: Serial Killer signed by Pat Mills. Here it how it would look like (again many thanks to Lisa and Pat).

In addition to purchase a signed edition with no adding charge, a free complete signed script will be offer, one to chose between:

To order a copy it is this way! It is also possible to get the digital copy signed, more on that on the Millsverse Facebook live chat video.

From a couple of weeks now, Hachette has begun to trial a new 2000 AD related collection in the UK, including of course milestones Pat Mill epics.

From Michael Molcher (2000 AD PR) on the 2000 AD forum:

"You may well see or hear about test volumes appear in newsagents in certain parts of the country over the next month. These tests are being done to see if a series would work and, if the test is successful, there'll be a big national launch at a later date - just like there was with the Mega Collection.[...]
The series website is now live at if you want to see how the collection might take shape if it does launch nationally".

26/03/2017 What? You haven't bought, read (and weep) Serial Killer yet?

This beauty was waiting for me in my mailbox this week (thanks to Pat and Lisa):

Although I wasn't late to the party as I have read this book in digital form. Let's say this article is a reminder to anyone that has not grabbed this novel yet, to do it, it is really a great read!

Further details about this first book and the series can be found respectively here and there.

Tome 5 of Glénat French reprint of Requiem Vampire Knight, Dragon Blitz, is now announced for May 2017. French online webstore BDFugue has uploaded this visual. Hope it is not the definitive one (it's a montage from the Nickel edition original cover).

In Previewsworld a Hook Jaw archive Hardcover is announced from Titan comics (thanks Renaud Lefebvre for the link), although the text that accompanies the illustration is quite misleading (new series or original series?).

Hook Jaw was created by Ken Armstrong and developed by Pat Mils for Action! weekly magazine.