bannière greysuit

bannière greysuit

Requiem Chevalier Vampire Tome 5 Tirage de Tête (TT)

TT 5 dragon blitz ©Mills/Ledroit/Nickel
Series: Requiem Chevalier Vampire

Publisher: Nickel Productions

Published: November 2004 (first print)

ISBN/print: 2-914420-08-0/1st

Size/binding: 35 x 25 cm, hardcover with dust jacket, 56 pages

Cover: Olivier Ledroit

Title: Dragon Blitz

Artist: Olivier Ledroit


Masks are down! Otto is being hot on the heels of Requiem and Rebecca. Thurim invites himself during their duel in the air, showing his pilot skills amongst dragons and demons coming up everywhere. In the meantime; Venus leads a raid towards the black opium convoy. Deprived of their precious opium, vampires are condemned to complete madness... Back on the ground, the two lovers become acquainted with a Vampire dragon hunter, Sabre Eretica. Together, they return to Necropolis.


Front cover of the dust jacket is identical to the regular edition, though a little bit oversized. Inside canvas hardcover book is red with the Requiem logo.
This edition is limited to 666 copies and displays an exclusive A4 lithography numbered and signed by Olivier Ledroit. There is also 8 pages of extra material and authors bio (detailed content here).


Other publishing form:

See the regular volume file.


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