bannière greysuit

bannière greysuit

Requiem Vampire Knight Volume 1

vol 1 ©Mills/Ledroit/Nickel
Series: Requiem Vampire Knight

Publisher: Panini Publishing

Published: September 2009 (first print)

ISBN/print: 978-1-84653-437-9

Size/binding: 30 x 21 cm, softcover, 103 pages

Cover: Olivier Ledroit (Tome 1)

Title: Resurrection and Danse Macabre

Artist: Olivier Ledroit


'Resurrection': when he died, Henrich thought he could finally find peace, but instead he stumbled across the chaos of Resurrection, a reverse world where time runs backwards, and where he discovers he is a vampire. Under the guidance of Otto, a powerful vampire, he is trained and dubbed Vampire Knight under the name Requiem. From that moment on, a new death begins for him... Thrown into a cosmic conflict amongst strange gods, it is time for Requiem to engage in his first battle.

'Danse Macabre': whereas the vampire forces has plunged into the battle, new participants appears during the raid over London: Ghouls, leading by Mother Terror. After a fierce fight, vampires can go back to Necropolis where a grandiose and decadent ceremony awaits them: the Danse Macabre.


This edition displays an exclusive 2 pages introduction by Pat Mills dated July 2009 as well as a 5 pages art gallery, both absent from the French edition. See also here for other differences. Note that the original French cover for 'Danse Macabre' is included in this volume.

Other publishing form:

None so far in the UK


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