bannière greysuit

bannière greysuit

Requiem Vampire Knight Volume 3

vol 3 ©Mills/Ledroit/Nickel
Series: Requiem Vampire Knight

Publisher: Panini Publishing

Published: September 2010 (first print)

ISBN/print: 978-1-84653-457-7

Size/binding: 30 x 21 cm, softcover, 97 pages

Cover: Olivier Ledroit (Tome 5)

Title: Dragon Blitz and Hellfire Club

Artist: Olivier Ledroit


'Dragon Blitz': masks are down! Otto is being hot on the heels of Requiem and Rebecca. Thurim invites himself during their duel in the air, showing his pilot skills amongst dragons and demons coming up everywhere. In the meantime; Venus leads a raid towards the black opium convoy. Deprived of their precious opium, vampires are condemned to complete madness... Back on the ground, the two lovers become acquainted with a Vampire dragon hunter, Sabre Eretica. Together, they return to Necropolis.

'Hellfire Club': it is time for Henrich and Rebecca to enjoy a little privacy, but private police detective Kurse arrives to separate the two lovers. Rebecca is given up to the blood sisters convent, for the bloodletting ceremony preparations, while Henrich is driven towards the Injustice Palace where Black Sabbath awaits him. The latter needs Thurim's power in order to vanquish Dracula. Meanwhile, Ghouls are trading with Dystopians Dracula's black opium in exchange of Vampire-killing weapons. Later, Dystopia will be able to sell back the opium to his previous owner, at a very high price.


This edition doesn't reprint the original French cover for 'Hellfire Club'. See also here for other differences.

Other publishing form:

None so far in the UK



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