bannière greysuit

bannière greysuit

2000 AD #392

2000 AD #392 ©Rebellion A/S
Series: Nemesis The Warlock

Publisher: IPC

Published: November 17 1984 (first edition)

ISBN/print: weekly magazine

Size/binding: A4 newspaper

Cover: Brett Ewins

Title: Book Four The Gothic Empire part 6

Artist: Bryan Talbot

Nemesis The Warlock


Following the destruction of the Goths' high space fleet, Terran forces were headind towards the desert planet Khartoum, and leading the assault, Hammerstein robots squad. Goths' troops doesn't stand a chance with their lancer brigade, to the bitter dislike of Hammerstein. Among robots, there is also an inquisition system, led by 'The Black Cardinal', and the latter is now aware of Hammerstein second thoughts about killing innocents beings. So he orders Hammerstein, Hitaki and Mad Ronn to report to Mek-Quake for destruction. Meanwhile on Britannia, Nemesis wrongly accused of the Phantom murders uses his hallucinatory projection skills to disguise himself and Ro-Jaws. They both embarks on the Equatorial Express in order to reach Queen Victoria. But Torquemada is also on that same train (5 pages).


The siege of Khartoum is of course an historical fact involving the British Empire. Again in this strip, like it was the case in the first Ro-Busters' strip, Hammerstein has to "report to Mek-Quake for destruction".

Other publishing form:

Graphic novel:

book 3 1985
complete vol 1 2007

Newsstand reprints:

Not so far up to now


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