bannière greysuit

bannière greysuit

23/02/2013 US and French Judge Dredd Reprints

In its "Limited" line of book series, IDW has launched this month a very limited edition (350 copies, no reprints ever) of "Judge Dredd The Complete Brian Bolland" that contains a few strips written by Pat Mills (Cursed Earth strips for example):

All the details of this edition could be find here as well as a presentation movie here.

In March, volume 3 of the French Judge Dredd reprint edition will hit the shelves with a exclusive cover by Olivier Peru. It contains the first "Blood of Satanus" strips written by Pat Mills:

Soleil Prod

And here is the preview cover for volume 4 by Aleksi Briclot as seen on Jean-Luc Istin' FB page (he is the editor of this line at Soleil Prod). No Pat Mills scripts though for this volume:

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