bannière greysuit

bannière greysuit

6/6/2013 Sláine 30th Anniversary is approaching!

After the Grail War, three other paperback will be published this year, starting with these two reprints (at least new cover for "Time Killer" and added pages and new cover for "The King", see here for details):

And in November, this new hardcover will celebrate the 30th anniversary of the warped Celtic warrior:

Here is the book description: "THIRTY YEARS OF MYTH AND LEGEND! Marking 30 years of the Celtic barbarian s adventures, this special anniversary book brings together a sequence of new stories from creator Pat Mills and the biggest artists to have worked on Sláine over the past three decades. This hardback volume also includes a gallery of Sláine covers and additional material. A great collector's item and not to be missed by fans of great storytelling, art and warp spasms everywhere!"

Here is a sneak peak of Nick percival pin-up:

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