bannière greysuit

bannière greysuit

02/01/2014 What to expect in 2014

Complementing the forthcoming releases section (on the right), here are some excerpts from Rebellion 2014 publishing catalogue, related to Pat Mills' works (in chronological order of publication date):

Starting from May 2014 for volume 1, early stories of the A.B.C. Warriors will be reprinted and collected in Hardback edition as The Mek Files:

 Also in May is scheduled the latest regular softcover of Sláine which completes the series reprint and collects material never reprinted before.

Then the sofcover edition of the Volgan War volume 4 will follow in July:

Finally in November, the second edition of The Complete Ro-busters will hit the shelves.

Let's not forget:

February 2014 (Titan Books)

February 2014 (US release)

And in the prog and meg:

BRING IT ON! (and happy new year to all)

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