bannière greysuit

bannière greysuit

La Grande Guerre de Charlie Vol 6

volume 6 ©Delirium/Egmont
Series: Charley's War

Publisher: Delirium

Published: April 2014 (first edition)

ISBN/print: 979-10-90916-12-8

Size/binding: classic French hardcover  (29 x 22 cm)

Cover: Montage

Title: Volume 6 De Messines à Passchendaele

Artists: Joe Colquhoun


29 strips reprinted in chronological order (112 pages B&W, same as the Titan Book reprint collection vol 6 except original colored pages are printed in colour, 32 pages for this volume).
Extra material is identical to the 2009 Titan Books edition (contextual article by Steve White, strip commentaries by Pat Mills).


Remarks here are identical to the last volume. Material sources used for this French edition originate entirely from original sources, and is clearer and of better quality than the 2008 Titan reprint. Again original colored pages are printed in colour. Note that the infamous (but original) Gothic style strip title has been replaced by the regular one.


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