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bannière greysuit

Marshal Law Odiosos Muertos (2014, ECC volume 2)

 dc deluxe edition spain 2 ©Mills/O'Neill
Series: Marshal Law

Publisher: ECC Ediciones

Published: April 2014 (first edition)

ISBN/print: 9788416070633

Size/binding: softcover (26 x 17 cm)

Cover: Kevin O'Neill (from Kingdom of The Blind)

Title: Marshal Law Odiosos Muertos

Artist: Kevin O'Neill


  • Crime and Punishment: Marshal Law Takes Manhattan (one shot Epic 1989)
  • Kingdom of the Blind (one shot Apocalypse 1990)
  • The Hateful Dead part 1 (Toxic #1, March 28 1991)
  • The Hateful Dead part 2 (Toxic #2, April 4 1991)
  • The Hateful Dead part 3 (Toxic #3, April 11 1991)
  • The Hateful Dead part 4 (Toxic #4, April 18 1991)
  • The Hateful Dead part 5 (Toxic #5, April 25 1991)
  • The Hateful Dead part 6 (Toxic #6, May 2nd 1991)
  • The Hateful Dead part 7 (Toxic #7, May 9 1991)
  • The Hateful Dead part 8 (Toxic #8, May 16 1991)


This collection is an adaptation of the Marshal Law Deluxe edition published in 2013 by DC.

This volume also features:
  • all virgin covers of the original comics
  • blue title page introducing Marshal Law Takes Manhattan from the Fear Asylum Titan Books paperback
  • original back cover from Marshal Law Takes Manhattan
  • blue title page introducing Kingdom of the Blind also from the Fear Asylum Titan Books paperback
  • newspaper style title page opening Kingdom of the Blind (nicely adapted in Spanish)
  • title page introducing The Hateful Dead with comment from the Blood, Sweat, and Fears Titan Books paperback 
  • one of the back cover from the French Zenda edition (also adapted in Spanish)
  • virgin cover from Strip #1 and 3
  • virgin cover from second and third volume of French Zenda edition
  • 2 character designs (ML and Celeste) for an hypothetical Marshal Law movie previously published in the 2002 UK Titan paperback Fear and Loathing
  • poster illustration (Marvel 1989)

More contextual details about the original US edition can be found  here or here.


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