bannière greysuit

bannière greysuit

Marshal Law Volume 3 (Lion Extra 5)

 dc deluxe edition it ©Mills/O'Neill
Series: Marshal Law

Publisher: RW Edizioni

Published: March 2014 (first edition)

ISBN/print: 9788868731434

Size/binding: softcover (26 x 17 cm)

Cover: Kevin O'Neill (from Secret Tribunal #2 cover)

Title: Marshal Law Volume 3

Artist: Kevin O'Neill


  • Super Babylon (one shot Dark Horse 1992)
  • Secret Tribunal part 1 (Marshal Law Secret Tribunal #1, Dark Horse, September 1993)
  • Secret Tribunal part 2 (Marshal Law Secret Tribunal #2, Dark Horse, April 1994)
This collection is an adaptation of the Marshal Law Deluxe edition published in 2013 by DC.
This edition also features:
  • virgin cover of Super Babylon one shot
  • a two pages introduction written by Pat Mills dated December 2012 (the afterword of the DC 2013 edition)
  • colored map of San Futuro
  • virgin spread covers of both issues of Secret Tribunal
  • illustration from Hero Illustrated #11 (May 1994)
  • 2 character designs (ML and Celeste) for an hypothetical Marshal Law movie previously published in the 2002 UK Titan paperback Fear and Loathing
And that's how spines are done in Italy:

More details (as whether back, second and third of paperbacks covers have been reprinted in these volumes)  here or here.


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