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PsychoKiller (UK Market)

PsychoKiller (or Psycho-Killer) is a story created by Pat Mills and Tony Skinner with artist Dave Kendall. It was first published in Toxic! fortnightly magazine, starting with issue #12 dated 13th June 1991. The eight part story was published in Toxic! #12 through #15, and then from issue #26 to #29.

From the 2017 TPB back cover: "ARE YOU READY FOR YOUR DEMONIC IRRIGATION? Doctor Morbus, the PsychoKiller, will see you now. A Ouija board session to summon 1950s gangster Liquid Lenny goes horribly right. Lily the Fink starts acting weirder than usual. Mary Anne’s boyfriend is brutally murdered in his own bathroom, and she develops a sudden penchant for doo-wop music and beehive hairdo’s. Timid Jamie Anderson saw something that night. He knows Mary Anne needs urgent medical help. And there’s only one doctor qualified to give it…"

  • PsychoKiller part 1 (Toxic! #12, 13 June 1991) 
  • PsychoKiller part 2 (Toxic! #13, 13 June 1991)
  • PsychoKiller part 3 (Toxic! #14, 13 June 1991)
  • PsychoKiller part 4 (Toxic! #15, 13 June 1991)
  • PsychoKiller part 5 (Toxic! #26, 13 June 1991)
  • PsychoKiller part 6 (Toxic! #27, 13 June 1991)
  • PsychoKiller part 7 (Toxic! #28, 13 June 1991)
  • PsychoKiller part 8 (Toxic! #29, 13 June 1991)

The entire story was first collected in digital form in July 2014, through the Millsverse imprint:

psychokiller Millsverse 2014

A softcover TPB collected edition was issued in October 2017 by Millsverse (notice that it was the very first comics published in paper form by Millsverse).

psychokiller millsverse 2017

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