bannière greysuit

bannière greysuit

The Bovril Brigade (UK, 2015)

bovril brigade ©respective authors
Series: The Bovril Brigade

Publisher: Mischief PR

Published: December 2015

ISBN/print: December 2015 Vol. 1, No. 1

Size/binding: newspaper 27 x 18 cm

Cover: Frank Hampton?

Bovril Brigade is a relaunch in the form of a limited edition comic book celebrating Britain’s greatest tales of adventure and human endurance. Here is an excepts of the press release:

The original ‘Bovril Brigade’ were a crew of problem-solving characters, last printed in the Eagle comic 50 years ago. This version sees a combination of original Eagle contributors along with groundbreaking new artists tell the stories of British adventure past and present.

The Godfather of British comics, Pat Mills, portrays how integral Bovril has been to the success of some of Britain’s greatest feats and explorations. Such as Captain Webb, the first man to swim the channel in 1875, and the great explorer Sir Ernest Shackleton’s tale of being marooned on Antarctic’s Elephant Island in 1916. One of the most reputed comic writers of all time, Pat revitalised British boys comics in the 1970s, and has remained a leading light in British comics ever since.

Also regaled in ‘Bovril Brigade 2015’ is Nottingham Forest’s FA Cup Win of 1898 that saw half-time oranges replaced with Bovril, and how Lewis Pugh swam his way to the world’s best job title: United Nations Patron of the Oceans. Mollie Hughes’ hair-raising Mt. Everest summits are also included, alongside the formation of the Lake District Ski Club and the tale of the great, Bovril-glugging strongman, Thomas Inch.

Bringing these stories to life are a specially selected crew of contributors including legendary letterer, Annie Parkhouse, and student of the Eagle comic founder Frank Hampson, Nick Spender. As well as the brilliant Andrew Chiu, who has made our modern adventurers in comic form.

Pat Mills is in charge of three of the 9 Bovril Brigade tales, illustrated by Mike Collins and Patrick Goddard (see picture below). The rest of this 16 pages newspaper leaflet is composed of vintage adds, cover and credit page. The entire content has been made available online for a limited period (and can still be found here). Notice than the colours are much brighter in the online version than in the physical print (see below, left the print version, right the online one).

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