bannière greysuit

bannière greysuit

24/09/2016 Read Em and Weep, Misty Reprint, Marshal Law Collectible, And Tons of Interviews!

The dynamic duo behind Nemesis The Warlock, Metalzoïc and Marshal Law are back for a text novel about a comics writer/serial killer due in February 2017 (for the first part), and believe me, these two guys mean business.

The first polemic review of this new series (and other great insights about it) can be found here.

Meanwhile, the reprint of Pat Mills and John Armstrong's Moonchild in the Misty paperback has hit the shelves (with a beautiful cover by the late Shirley Bellwood):

All details about this edition can be found in this blog here.

To celebrate the publishing of the Misty reprint, the 2000th issue of 2000 AD, and Read Em And Weep announcement, Pat Mills has participated to many interviews and article in the past weeks. I have tried to gather an exhaustive list in the dedicated section of this blog (latest link to the BFBS radio show to follow soon).

Unbox Industries have revealed their work in progress (from Kevin O'Neill's inputs) on their Marshal Law figure, and man, it's gonna be mind blowing!

2000 AD has teased the next Flesh serial with artist Clint Langley ...

... and Glénat Editions have announced that their Requiem Chevalier Vampire collection reprint will continue with volume 5 in the beginning of 2017.

Next, and very, very soon, Nemesis The Warlock returns in 2000 AD #2000!

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