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bannière greysuit

Read Em and Weep (Millsverse)

Read Em and Weep is a book series created by Pat Mills and Kevin O'Neill (both on writing duties), edited and published by Lisa Mills through the Millsverse imprint.

From the blurb for the first book:

The 1970s. A dangerous time for kids. An even more dangerous time for the adults who wrong them.
Meet comic book editor Dave Maudling, the world’s laziest and most cowardly serial killer. Actually, he’s never killed anyone himself – yet.
Dave has been putting lethal information into his stories, hoping they will result in an early demise for his readers. But something unexpected and wonderful happens: the kids instead use the homicidal details that Dave provides to target their oppressors: abusive adults who believe they are above the law.
Meet Jean, Dave’s femme fatale mother. She’s glamorous. She’s dangerous. She’s dead. And she wants him to solve her murder.
It’s a lot of pressure to be under for a liquorice-pipe-chewing, failure-embracing man-child with a strange obsession with fur. Being blackmailed by a monster from his own childhood doesn’t help, either.
But curiously, despite casting himself as Villain in his life story, Dave is actually becoming something of a Hero.
Dave works round the corner from Fleet Street, at Fleetpit Publications, publishers of Britain’s most popular magazines. Working with him is girls’ comic editor Joy, a beautiful but foul-mouthed Glaswegian who doesn’t take any crap and is heroically pursuing her ambition to subvert the world of comics publishing. And fantasist Greg, Dave’s assistant editor, who likes to dress as his movie hero of the day and is only sleeping with Joy because he thinks her famous dad will help him get his novel published.
From Pat Mills, creator of 2000AD, featuring Judge Dredd, and Kevin O’Neill, award-winning artist-creator of League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, comes a story of revenge for a lost childhood, of flawed and eccentric characters, strange passions and arrested development.
If you enjoy savagely funny novels such as Catch-22, The Life And Loves Of A She Devil and High Fidelity, you’ll love Serial Killer!
Serial Killer is the first book in a series of four novels about Dave Maudling and contains serious cliffhangers!

Before the official launching of the first book, a two pages extract was published in 2000 AD #2011:

2000 AD #2011
Read Em and Weep 1: Serial Killer was published in physical and digital (see the Millsverse section for the latter) form in January and February 2017:

1: serial killer

Read Em and Weep 2: Goodnight John-Boy was published in physical and digital (see the Millsverse section for the latter) form in December 2018:

2: goodnight john-boy

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