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bannière greysuit

A.B.C. Warriors (US Market)

The A.B.C. Warriors was first published by Fleetway Quality in 1987 in the USA as a back up story in the 'Sam Slade Robo Hunter' series (volume 2), starting with the second part of 'The Knight Martial' strip.

sam slade #6
sam slade #7
sam slade #8
sam slade #9
sam slade #10
sam slade #11

In 1990, they will have their own title in the form of a 8 issues mini series, displaying some of  the 'Meknificent Seven' storyline strips (again starting with the second part of 'The Knight Martial') and the 'Black Hole' arc (see the UK market page for the entire chronology).

Use the caption under the picture to reach the associated file (article under construction).

abc warriors 1 fleetway
abc warriors 2 fleetway
abc warriors 3 fleetway
abc warriors 4 fleetway
abc warriors 5 fleetway
abc warriors 6 fleetway
abc warriors 7 fleetway
abc warriors 8 fleetway

From 2005, The A.B.C. Warriors started to have proper reprints in the USA under Rebellion management (first with a co-publishing agreement with DC).

For the 'Meknificent Seven' storyline there were these two GN:

rebellion/DC 2005
rebellion/S&S 2010
Note that the 2005 UK and US reprints are almost similar, except the spine (2000 AD/DC for the US reprint) and the 2000 AD logo on the front cover (leaning on the US reprint).


Below are all the UK and US GN softcover reprints since Rebellion Publishing has take over the 2000 AD's characters rights (starting with the UK ones on the left) spines as of 31/12/2012:

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