bannière greysuit

bannière greysuit

Harlem Heroes (UK Market)

The year is 2050. The game of Aeroball  has swept the world. It's Football, Boxing, Kung Fu and Basket ball all rolled into one. One of the top team is the all-black Harlem Heroes who plays aeroball without body-armour. After the preliminary round of the world aeroball championship, their hover-power 'road-liner' crashed and there were only 4 survivors, Giant, Slim, Hairy and Louis who now is just a brain. But still he firmly proposes to the other survivors to create a new team and win the championship

'Harlem Heroes' was one of the first strip to be published in 2000 AD. Pat Mills has participated to develop the story and has co-written the very first strip in the first prog (click on the caption to reach the associated file).

2000 AD #1

  • Harlem Heroes part 1 (co-written with Tom Tully, 2000 AD #1, February 26 1977)

There have been many newsstand reprints of this first strip (see first prog file), but the first GN reprint was published by Rebellion in 2010:

complete harlem heroes
It is titled 'The Complete Harlem Heroes' but according to Barney's database, only the original strips published in 1977 and 1978 are included in this reprint (as well as alternative original art by Carlos Trigo for part 1).

To see the US reprint, go here.

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