bannière greysuit

bannière greysuit

Sláine (US Market)

In 1986, IPC 2000 AD's material related to Sláine, Nemesis The Warlock and other strips were published in the US under license by Dez Skinn's Quality Comics. This material was colorized for the occasion, and panels resized to fit the regular US comics size (later on the art will be more simply but awfully stretched).
In Spellbinders #1, cover date December 1986, 3 strips were adapted, Amadeus Wölf  (not a Pat Mills strip), Sláine and Nemesis The Warlock (book four, as previous material had already been published in the US by Eagle Comics). After five issues, Sláine will be published in its own series, Sláine The Berserker (Sláine The King from issue #21). This full color series lasted 28 issues and has also been exploited in UK market with some differences that I will try to pinpoint (thanks for that to Comic Collector web site).

As always I will proceed story arc per story arc, beginning with material that correspond to Rebellion's first Sláine reprint: Warrior's Dawn.

Note that the very first strip drawn by Angela Kincaid has been omitted from these Quality Comics reprints. For Nemesis related material (Spellbinders #1 to 13), go to the associated page.

spellbinders #1
spellbinders #2
spellbinders #3
spellbinders #4
spellbinders #5
sláine the berserker #1
sláine the berserker #2
sláine the berserker #3

In 2005, Rebellion in association with DC comics has reprinted all original material in it's B&W form in the first Sláine "complete" paperback. This was followed by a second edition in 2010 only published by Rebellion and not numbered on the spine.

warrior's dawn 2005
warrior's dawn 2010

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