bannière greysuit

bannière greysuit

Charley's War Vol 3 17 October 1916 - 21 February 1917

volume 3 ©Egmont UK Ltd
Series: Charley's War

Publisher: Titan Books

Published: October 2006 (first edition)

ISBN/print: 1 84576 270 3

Size/binding: dust jacket hardcover  (30 x 22 cm)

Cover: picture from the Imperium War Museum

Title: 17 October 1916 - 21 February 1917

Artists: Joe Colquhoun


  • Strip 60 to 83,  reprinted in chronological order (110 pages B&W),
  • a one page recap,
  • a contextual illustrated text written by Steve White about the bombing of Britain (4 pages)
  • strip commentary by Pat Mills (5 pages)
  • 2 pages interview of Joe Colquhoun led by Stephen Oldman


The quality of reproduction is fluctuant depending on the source material. Original colored panels are reproduced in shades of grey. The poppy logo is absent from the spine (on my original edition copy)


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