bannière greysuit

bannière greysuit

Charley's War (UK Market)

Original publication in Battle Action aka Battle, Battle Action Force and Battle Picture Weekly, from January 6th 1979 (Battle #200) to January 1985 (for the WW1 part scripted by Pat Mills, scans from comicvine).
Context of this series is fully detailed here. It's the one dearest to Pat Mills heart.

I will proceed volume by volume of the 2004 Titan Deluxe reprints (see the end of this article) although these volumes does not correspond to any particular story arc.

Volume 1 (Battle Picture Weekly #200 through 228):


1980 November 15 ©Egmont
1981 January  ©Egmont
1980 May 5 ©Egmont
1983 June 25 ©Egmont
1983 July 30 ©Egmont
1983 December 2 ©Egmont
1984 August 11 ©Egmont

First partial softcover paperback reprint by Titan Books in 1983 and 1984 (strip 1 to 40). To reach the individual file related to each volume click on the caption.

Book one 1983 March ©Egmont
Book two 1986 June ©Egmont

From November 2004 to october 2013, all Pat Mills First World War scripted material has been reprinted by Titan Books in a deluxe hardcover collection with dust jacket (one volume per year in October). Original colored material is reprinted in shades of grey from the colored material. To reach the individual file related to each volume click on the caption.

vol 1 2004 ©Egmont
vol 2 2005 ©Egmont
vol 3 2006 ©Egmont
vol 4 2007 ©Egmont
vol 5 2008 ©Egmont
vol 6 2009 ©Egmont
vol 7 2010 ©Egmont
vol 8 2011 ©Egmont
vol 9 2012 ©Egmont
vol 10 2013 ©Egmont

Note that the Second World War material (not scripted -nor liked- by Pat mills) will not be reprinted.
This collection is also described in details here.

From vol 3, the current French reprint of this collection uses color scans for the colored material and other better quality original sources whenever they can.

In August 2014, Titan has collected the first 86 strips (i.e. vol 1, 2, 3 and the three first strips of vol 4) in one softcover downsized omnibus with enhanced printing quality, having the opportunity to use Joe Colquhoun original artwork.

titan omnibus 2014

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