bannière greysuit

bannière greysuit

Charley's War Vol 5 Return to the Front

volume 5 ©Egmont UK Ltd
Series: Charley's War

Publisher: Titan Books

Published: October 2008 (first edition)

ISBN/print: 9781845767969

Size/binding: dust jacket hardcover  (30 x 22 cm)

Cover: picture from the Imperium War Museum

Title: Return to the Front

Artists: Joe Colquhoun


  • Strip 110 to 136,  reprinted in chronological order (112 pages B&W),
  • a one page recap,
  • a contextual illustrated text written by Steve White about life in the trenches (4 pages)
  • strip commentary by Pat Mills (7 pages)
  • 2 pages introduction by Jane Colquhoun


The quality of reproduction is rather murky in this volume for all material. Original colored panels are reproduced in shades of grey. Note that the first and second page of strip #26 have been switched (see here, my copy being the first print) and the problem has been rectified in the second printing of the Titan edition (thanks to Glassstanley from the 2000 AD forum for this last information).


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