bannière greysuit

bannière greysuit

11/09/2013 Graphic Novel 101, last installment of The Book of Scars and wen interview

This past week end pat mills has participated to SelfMadeHero/The Guardian's Masterclass about how to write a graphic novel. There are a few take-homes on Pat's blog here.

Pat has used his new project to illustrates his lecture. It's sets during WW1 and will be illustrated by David Hitchcock. here is an enticing sneak peak:

Also, today's see the last double length strip of The Book of Scars by Clint Langley hits the shelves (with some Fomorians demons in it). And two variant covers it is!

And in case you were not paying attention (again):

Also a Pat Mills interview by Steve Hargett have been uploaded today here.

By the way, happy 1st anniversary to this blog!

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