bannière greysuit

bannière greysuit

Crisis #25

crisis #25 ©Fleetway
Series: Third World War

Publisher: Fleetway

Published: August 19 1989

ISBN/print: fortnightly magazine

Size/binding: A4 magazine

Cover: John Hicklenton

Title: Third World War Book 2: Ryan's Story part 1

Artists: John Hicklenton, co-written with Alan Mitchell

Third World War


"The World According to Ryan":  (14 pages).


In this strip we meet inspector 'Crocodile' Ryan, the "Beast of Babylon". Sources for Ryan's colonial views are The Politics of Tarzan and Race and Class (Institute of Race Relations). Sources for women in prison are Criminal Women (Policy press) and Heart of the Race (Virago press).

Back cover of the magazine features a Who's Who in 3WW written by Pat Mills and Alan Mitchell and drawn by Duncan Fegredo:

Next part will be published in Crisis #29.

Other publishing form:

None so far up to now in UK or US (see the French or German section).


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