bannière greysuit

bannière greysuit

29/06/2014 Summer Conferences

First of all, next week Pat Mills will attend the British Library Comics Unmasked exhibition on the 7th of July, for a A British Revolution: 2000 AD and Beyond conference, with Dave Gibbons, Frazer Irving (chaired by Toby Litt).

Book your tickets here. Can't wait to see this exhibition and this conference.

In August, Pat will will attend the Edinbourg International Book Festival, for a conference about launching a graphic vision of the future related to the collective IDP 2043 project. He will be accompanied by Denise Mina (editor) and story co-creators Hannah Berry, Adam Murphy and Will Morris.

Book your tickets here.

You can also listen to a short interview of Pat Mills by Jian Gomeshi about WWW1 impact on culture at cbc radio Canada  (within the firsts 8 minutes in the podcast).

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