bannière greysuit

bannière greysuit

Sláine #1 Warrior's Dawn (2005, UK Market)

warrior's dawn 2005 ©Rebellion A/S
Series: Sláine

Publisher: Rebellion A/S

Published: March 2005 (first edition)

ISBN/print: 1-904265-33-2

Size/binding: softcover (26 x 19 cm)/#1 on the spine

Cover: Jim Murray (from prog #1007)

Title: Warrior's Dawn

Artists: Mike McMahon, Massimo Belardinelli, Angie Kincaid



Note that unlike the US edition of this reprint, the 2000 AD logo on the cover is straight. This GN initiate the complete reprint of Sláine strips in chronological order (spines are numbered).

This reprint also features:
  • authors mini bio
  • the lexical page Sláine, A Guide To His World
  • The Land of The Young map
This reprint doesn't features any reprinted covers or introduction.

And let's not forget spines, here for the Rebellion softcover reprints collection (UK on the left, US on the right):


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