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Sláine (UK Market)

From Pat Mills 1984 introduction to Titan Book Sláine Book One: Sláine is based on Celtic history and legend and is set (initially) during a legendary golden age of Celts. His world of Tir Nan Og, the Land of the Young, appears in many Celtic myths. This Land is based on maps of Britain and Eire where the North Sea is a landmass and Britain was still connected to the Continent.
The first strip of Sláine drawn by Angie Kincaid, was the first strip to ever beat Judge Dredd in reader's poll, and this first period has been published during 38 weeks without interruption (art by McMahon and Bellardinelli).

As always we will procede story arc per story arc, or reprint collection like it's the case for the earlier stories.

Let's begin with Warrior's Dawn:

2000 AD #330
2000 AD #332
2000 AD #334
2000 AD #336
2000 AD #341
2000 AD #355
2000 AD #357
2000 AD #358

These stories were published in these GN:

Sláine Book One (collect only *), the Collected Sláine (collect only *), Sláine The King Deluxe hardcover/softcover edition (collect only *)
Warrior's Dawn 2005 & 2007 (collect all of them)

book one titan 1986
collected sláine titan 1993
the king titan HC 2002
the king titan SC 2003
warrior's dawn rebellion 2005
warrior's dawn rebellion 2007

For newsstand reprint see the individual prog files. Note that UK Quality reprints are dealt in the US market section as it was primary aimed for this market even if it was also published in UK in a different form


Latest publication.
time killer 2013

the king 2013

the grail war 2013

lord of the beasts 2014

horned god hachette 2017

In 2013, to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the Celtic warriors, Pat Mills has created a story, The Book of Scars, that permits to revisit highlights of Sláine adventures, and to gather cult artist that has work on the series (Clint Langley who is also responsible for an homage to the art of the late Massimo Bellardinelli, Simon Bisley, Glenn Fabry and Mike McMahon).

2000 AD #1844 cover 1
2000 AD #1844 cover 2
2000 AD #1848
2000 AD #1849 cover 1
2000 AD #1849 cover 2

This story arc have been reprinted short after its initial publishing, in November 2013:

book of scars 2013

With prog #1874 Simon Davis makes his debuts as the new artist for Sláine with book one of The Brutania Chronicles Book OneA Simple Killing story. Now the Goddess has brought Sláine in Trojans occupied Albion.

2000 AD #1880
2000 AD #1882
2000 AD #1886

This story arc have been reprinted short after its initial publishing, in January 2015 (regular and exclusive bookplate edition):

a simple killing 2015

The Brutania Chronicles Book Two: Primordial started in 2000 AD #1924 in April 2015.

2000 AD #1925
2000 AD #1930
2000 AD #1934

One year after the first book, this second volume in the Brutania Chronicles has been collected in hardcover form in January 2016:

primordial 2016

The Brutania Chronicles Book ThreePsychopomp started in 2000 AD #1979 in May 2016.

2000 AD #1979
2000 AD #1985
2000 AD #1987

A one-off 7 pages story featuring a young Sláine was produced for the 2000 40th Anniversary Special:

Psychopomp and The Red Branch have been collected in May 2017:

psychopomp 2017

The Brutania Chronicles Book FourArchon started in 2000 AD #2050 in September 2017. It is the final installment of the Brutania Chronicles.

2000 AD #2050
2000 AD #2055
2000 AD #2060

Archon has been collected in May 2018:

archon 2018

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