bannière greysuit

bannière greysuit

09/08/2014 COMICA festival at the British Library and new Charley's War collection

What's going on in August? A lot for this year of commemoration of the Centennial of WW1.

This week, an omnibus edition of Charley's War has been issued by Titan Books. This 320 pages softcover book collects the first three volume of the previous deluxe collection (plus first three strips of volume 4) and features enhanced reproduction quality. More details about this edition by clicking on the picture below.

On the 17th of August, Pat Mills will attend two events related to the British library Comics Unmasked exhibition and associated to the COMICA festival weekend: The Great war in Comics (11.00-12.00) where he will talk among other things his projects with David Hitchcock, and Draw Misty For Me: Shirley Bellwood (15.30-16.30).

Dead Man's Dump excerpt from David Hitchcock Facebook page

Three days later still in London To End All Wars launch party will take place at Gosh! library starting at 19.00.

Forbidden Planet has also uploaded on its blog an interview of Pat Mills led by Joe Gordon regarding the latest Mek Files hardcover reprints of his A.B.C. Warriors.

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