bannière greysuit

bannière greysuit

24/07/2014 British Library Conference, The Volgan War Vol 4 in softcover and more interviews

On the 7th of July, a thrilling conference was held at The British Library: A British Revolution: 2000 AD and Beyond, hosted by Toby Litt with Pat Mills, Dave Gibbons and Frazer Irving. Thanks to my lovely wife, I had the chance to attend this event and it was a blast. And just to contemplate over sized art by Leigh Gallagher, Dave Gibbons, Clint Langley and Simon Davis was a delight.

from left to right Pat Mills, Dave Gibbons, Frazer Irving and Toby Litt

that's my kind of "before" watchmen

It was followed by an informal and most sympathetic signing by the authors, next to an improvised Forbidden Planet booth:

plenty to sign here Pat!

anecdotes between British comics legends

And let's not forget the Comics Unmasked exhibition itself. Who would have believed to see one day Kevin O'Neill's Marshal Law exposed in that kind of institution?

it wasn't permitted to take pictures but it was too tempting!

From this great exhibition (many thanks to the curators), I have brought home the associated book which features the entirety of what is exposed at the British Library.

Now back to reality.. but it's really not too bad because this week the final chapter of the Volgan War has been issued. Note that it includes all the original virgin covers of the complete run (vol 1 to vol 4):

Pat Mills is indeed interviewed about his Meknificent robots in the latest issue of Mass Movement (#40, free dowload here).

Also, for Spanish speaking fan Pat Mills has also done an interview for ECC ediciones (they have just finished to brilliantly translate the Marshal Law Deluxe edition).

Finally, earlier this Month Pat Mills has also done an audio interview in two parts for The radioactive Lounge. Enjoy!

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