bannière greysuit

bannière greysuit

10/09/2014 Requiem Vampire Knight Volume 3 on Comixology today

Need I say more?

Ah, yes, Pat Mills press release and Comixology links that are at the bottom of this page. Go, go go!

I couldn’t get enough of my favourite villain – so he’s back – in Requiem Vampire Knight: Dracula. This time, the crazy religious fanatic reanimates as a Werewolf on Resurrection, and he’s hungry for the blood of sinners.

Also in this volume; Lady Venus, the uber, man-hating queen of political correctness; Count Dracula, in his most awesome incarnation, and Hitler, as the ultimate Secret Weapon.
With stunning art, including an unforgettable spread of Dracula’s Sky Warship, the S.S. Satanic, this fully painted best-seller is amazing value at only £2.49/$3.99!

And check Pat Mills' interview on pipedreamscomics site about this digital edition of Requiem.

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