bannière greysuit

bannière greysuit

Portfolio La Grande Guerre de Charlie (French Market)

portfolio ©360 Media Perspective/Egmont
Series: Charley's War

Publisher: Delirium

Published: October 2014 (first edition)

ISBN/print: 979-10-90916-17-3

Size/binding: A3 cardboard sleeve (43 x 30.5 cm)

Cover: Illustration produced for 1983 Titan book 1

Title: La Grande Guerre de Charlie Portfolio

Artists: Joe Colquhoun


Ten hi res scanned (shades of grey) reproductions of original art, originally printed in these issues:
  • Battle Action #218 (mai 1979)
  • Battle Action #221 (juin 1979)
  • Battle Action #249 (décembre 1979, see below as an example of the reproducing quality)
  • Battle Action #261 (avril 1980)
  • Battle Action #284 (octobre 1980)
  • Battle #363 (avril 1982)
  • Battle #407 (février 1983)
  • Battle #421 (mai 1983)
  • Battle Action Force #443 (octobre 1983)
  • Battle Action Force #465 (mars 1984)
Two introductions by Jean Lopez, chief editor of French magazine Guerres & Histoire, and Michel Rouger, director of Le Musée de la Grande Guerre du Pays de Meaux.


This portfolio was produced in association with French magazine Guerres & Histoire, and Le Musée de la Grande Guerre du Pays de Meaux to accompany an French exhibition dedicated to Charley's war. It has a limited print run of around 500 copies. Joe Colquhoun's art appeared here in all its brilliance. A detailed illustrated description of this portfolio can be reached here.

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