bannière greysuit

bannière greysuit

07/12/2014 Late November and December events

I am a bit late on my news feed as the days seems to be shorter than usual.

Last week end I went to Paris SoBD convention where I have the pleasure to meet Hannah Berry who has graciously signed my copy of IDP: 2043.

Here she is at another panel led by Paul Gravett, alongside Dave McKean:

Of course, it was the occasion to talk to the dynamic duo responsible for Marshal Law, Pat Mills and Kevin O'Neill. Here they are with Jean-Paul Jennequin who was one of the speaker at panels dedicated to British comics, and who's in charge of the French translation of Charley's War:

Here is the Delirium stand (my anchor of the day) with editor Laurent Lerner, where Pat has signed many copies of La Grande Guerre de Charlie.

On December the 17th, Pat Mills will do a lecture on Charley's War to challenge the actual revisionist spin on the Great War. Be sure to book your (free) ticket here.

As an introduction, you can read this interview on the internet site of the University of Liverpool uploaded on the 5th of December.

Also this past week on December 4, Forbidden Planet's blog has published an interview with Pat Mills led by Joe Gordon concerning Pat's own Best of the year 2014.

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