bannière greysuit

bannière greysuit

26/03/2015 Requiem Vampire Knight Vol 7 is out on Comixology

It's all said in the title, but I don't understand, you don't own it already? Go, go, go fetch it! Bargain price as always knowing that this edition features an extra gallery section of original unlettered art and an exclusive introduction. Comixology links to the Millverse are at the bottom of the homepage of this blog. This volume is described in more details in the Millverse section of this blog (or directly here).

On the interview front, the firts podcast episode of season 2 of Process Comics is online since 23 March at holdfast network, and it is about Pat Mills carreer (the talk is with the man himself). Here is the link to part two.

According to their own description Process Comics is "a monthly comics workshop/discussion group hosted at Gosh! Comics on the first Wednesday of the month and a podcast that comes out every Thursday". Lucky people you are Londoners.

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