bannière greysuit

bannière greysuit

22/03/2015 Savage, American Reaper, Sláine, Requiem Vampire Knight, Black Siddha, Doctor Who and La Grande Guerre de Charlie

The origin of Howard Quartz as "Mr Ten Purcent", the ultimate Grinder, is revealed in this week prog (2000 AD #1923) with the conclusion of Savage book 9 (art by Patrick Goddard). Stunning cover courtesy of Nick Percival:

Also things are wrapping up for American Reaper up in Judge Dredd Megazine #358 (art by Clint Langley, and yes this is again a Nick Percival cover). This has been a wonderful ride! 

Next week, Sláine will take the lead in 2000 AD #1924 with book two of the Brutania Chronicles, Primordial (art by Simon Davis).

Next month, the last uncollected material related to the Black Siddha series (also with Simon Davis) will be bagged with Judge Dredd Megazine #359

On the digital front Requiem Vampire Knight vol 7, The Convent of the Sisters of Blood, will be available netxt week (March 25th) on Comixology. Some animated previews have been uploaded on the new Millsverse Facebook page (art by Olivier Ledroit).

Poiur les lecteurs français, signalons que le Doctor Who Classics Vol 1 (Pat Mills, John Wagner et Dave Gibbons aux dessins) sera proposé à travers une plateforme de financement participatif par l'éditeur French Eyes.

Et bien sûr le mois prochain c'est avril, donc Delirium publiera le 13, le nouveau tome de la saga La Grande Guerre de Charlie, Le Jeune Adolf (toujours Joe Colquhoun aux pinçeaux).

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