bannière greysuit

bannière greysuit

18/04/2015 Another big week in the Millsverse!

Le 8ème tome de La Grande Guerre de Charlie, Le Jeune Adolf, est disponible en librairie depuis le 14 avril. Delirium propose cette fois-ci une jolie section bonus consacrée aux couvertures réalisées par joe Colquhoun pour le magazine Battle.

En parallèle à la sortie de cet album, des planches originales de Joe Colquhoun sont en exposition et à la vente à la librairie BD Super Héros à Paris (jusqu'au 9 mai). Voilà un éditeur qui travaille bien ses sorties, chapeau bas!

It's not finished with American Reaper in the megazine, as a two part 'Reaper Files', Grim Reaper,  has begun in Judge Dredd Megazine #359 (art by Clint Langley):

Also, the last arc of Black Siddha, Return of The Jester, is bagged with the same megazine (art by Simon Davis):

On the interview front, don't miss this 2000 AD Thrillcast with Matt Smith, Pat Mills and Simon Davis:

Kinigame has launched an all new crowdfunding project regarding Requiem Vampire Knight board game. It's here.

And don't forget the other crowfunding project related to Doctor Who Classics described in the last news article.

Finally, this very rare picture was upload by Hibernia Comics on their FB page, I can't resist to share it here along with Hibernia's comment (apology for the steal ;)):

When Dez Skinn was putting together his Quality line of 2000AD Reprints, he put together several dummy covers.
Below is the cover to the proposed Shock Treatment number 1 Featuring the Visible Man, one of the titles that didn't make the final line up.
Its amazing to see the process in constructing a cover made from stats, The ink splash in the background, the strips cut out, titles and lettering pasted on, it really is an incredible piece (IMO anyway!) a lost art in a way, this would be put together in photoshop now. While not original art, it certainly is a very original piece in the long history of 2000AD.

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