bannière greysuit

bannière greysuit

02/05/2015 Nemesis The Warlock, Sláine and Dan Dare in 2000 AD FCBD 2015

Included in 2000 AD Free Comic Book Day 2015 are two Pat Mills strips from Sláine and Nemesis The warlock series (with three additional digital strips,use the link for all details):

Let's note that it is only the second time that the Nemesis The Warlock story The Tomb of Torquemada has been reprinted. And here instead of searching the very hard to find original poster prog of the the story, or buying the latest HC reprints, you get it for free!

The recto poster itself is not reprinted but here it is for your eyes only!

And let's also pinpoint that QR codes featured in this prog give access to downloadable .pdf files (listed here are the one scripted by Pat):

  • The Secret Life of The Blitzspear strip drawn by Kevin O'Neill (B&W version)
  • The very first Dan Dare 2000 AD strip drawn by Massimo Belardinelli
  • All of part 5 of the Book of Scars drawn by Simon Bisley

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