bannière greysuit

bannière greysuit

2000 AD #1971

2000 ad #1971 ©Rebellion A/S
Series: A.B.C. Warriors

Publisher: Rebellion

Published: March 9 2016

ISBN/print: weekly magazine

Size/binding: A4 magazine

Cover: Tiernen Trevallion

Title: Return to Ro-Busters part 11

Artists: Clint Langley

A.B.C. Warriors


In Marineris Hammerstein recalls that Sir James Grey (a heir of Sir Edward Grey) led the biggest hunt ever for Ro-Jaws and him but they got away. After Ro-Busters escaped, Quartz's lawyers got him out of prison and reinstated him as human, and too had gone after Ro-Jaws and Hammerstein. Blackblood is currently sending apologies to the Warriors for all the terrible deeds he has done. Ro-Jaws, aka the Urban Fow, have just been spotted by the G Men while tagging "Hell Something is coming G Men. Hell Something will kick your arses!"  (6 pages).


"Hell Something" was the named given to Hammerstein by Ro-Jaws centuries ago.

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