bannière greysuit

bannière greysuit

29/03/2016 Collected Editions and Reprints!

The file for Sláine Primordial (book two of the Brutania Chronicles) has been finally uploaded here.

This month Rebellion have collected for the first time the Planet of The Damned & Death Planet strips respectively from Starlord (Pat Mills & Alan Hebden), and 2000 AD (Alan Hebden). The corresponding file can be found there.

And last week, Glénat have issued the second volume of Requiem Chevalier Vampire reprint, Danse Macabre. The associated file is here.

stunning wraparound cover

Next month, in April, the 10th and last volume of the French Charley's War edition will be published by Delirium:

2000 AD have advertised these two reprints for April too (I don't have further information about it):

And finally, a script book including Pat Mills material is scheduled by Rebellion for November:

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