bannière greysuit

bannière greysuit

04/04/2016 Pat Mills at London and Strasbourg Comics Events!

Pat Mills will be attending the 2016 London Book Fair, in association with Europe Comics, Comicana, the London Book & Screen Week and Institut Français. This event, hosted by Paul Gravett and referred as The Graphic Galaxy: Pat Mills and Sylvain Runberg explore Science Fiction in Comics, will take place at 1pm Thursday 14th April, at LBF Interactive Theatre,  Details courtesy of John Freeman on DownTheTubes website.

In June, as UK is the country hosted by the 9th Strasbulles French comics convention (10-12 June 2016 in Strasbourg), Hannah Berry, Dave McKean, Pat Mills, Kevin O’Neill, and Posy Simmonds have been announced as special guests. List of events and schedules are not advertised yet.

Ans as a bonus for this article, here is the final cover that will be used for the uncensored reprint of the cursed earth, with a new Brian Bolland illustration (courtesy of the CBR site):

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