bannière greysuit

bannière greysuit

Judge Dredd Les Affaires Classées 01 Édition Spéciale 40 ans (Delirium 2017)

affaires classées #1 ed. spec. 40 ans ©Rebellion A/S
Series: Judge Dredd

Publisher: Delirium

Published: November 2016 (first edition)

ISBN/print: 979-10-90916-28-9

Size/binding: hardcover (30 x 23 cm)/#01 on the spine

Cover:  Ian Gibson (from interior of 2000 AD #17)

Title: Judge Dredd Les Affaires Classées 01 Édition Spéciale 40 ans

Artists: Ian Gibson, Mike McMahon, Carlos Ezquerra (for Pat Mills scripts)


*Material only scripted by Pat Mills


This book is the French adaptation of the 10th Anniversary edition hardcover published by Rebellion in 2015. Therefore it also includes:
  • the exact same content story wise  (2000 AD #2-60), with original coloured material (including Walter The Wobot strips) reprinted in colour
  • the same extra strips (Walter The Wobot)
  • the same coloured prog covers from 2000 AD #5, 10, 18, 44 and 59

Notice that this French edition is slightly oversized than the UK version (and printed too on thick white glossy paper), and features :

  • a detailed summary
  • an exclusive introduction by Pat Mills ("Dredd: les origines" 7 pages ) dated February 2016. This introcuction is a completly revised and illustrated version of Pat Mills posts about the creation of Judge Dredd on his Wordpress blog, including the Manning strip that have inspired Wagner & Mills to create Judge Dredd.

©Spain Rodriguez


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