bannière greysuit

bannière greysuit

Judge Dredd (French Market)


In 2012, Soleil publisher has started to reprint the case files, throught its label 'Soleil US Comics' edited by Jean-Luc Istin, as they were published by Rebellion since 2005.  Spines are slightly different and covers by French artists are exclusive to this edition. Click on the caption to reach the associated files.

volume 1 2012
volume 2 2012
volume 3 2012

Here is a picture of the spines as of March 2013:

This collection only lasted 4 volumes.

In 2016, French editor Laurent Lerner (Delirium editions), has decided to introduced Judge Dredd again in the French market, with enhanced editions (oversized hardcover books printed on thick white paper), and enhanced translations. In parallel with the publication of more recent material, Delirium has begun to translate again the Complete Case Files, aka Les Affaires Classées.

The first volume was published in November 2016. It is the exact adaptation of the 10th Anniversary hardcover edition issued by Rebellion in August 2015, but it features an additional exclusive introduction written by Pat Mills.

affaires classées 01 2016

The second volume published in October 2017 is the French adaptation of The Cursed Earth Uncensored published by Rebellion in 2016 in hardcover and paperback form. Therefore, it is not a complete translation of Judge Dredd The Complete Case Files 02 published in the UK in 2006 (although they share the same overall cover design). Indeed, it only features the Cursed Earth story.

affaires classées 02 2017

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