bannière greysuit

bannière greysuit

2000AD #88

2000AD #88 ©Rebellion A/S
Series: Ro-busters

Publisher: IPC

Published: October 28 1978 (first edition)

ISBN/print: weekly magazine

Size/binding: A4 newspaper

Cover: Kevin O'Neill

Title: Hammerstein War's Memoirs part 1

Artist: Kevin O'Neill



'Yesterday's Hero': this is Hammerstein origin story, a tale narrated by Himself. He was the the prototype of mark three droid, manufactured to replaced human soldiers on the battlefield of the 21st century Volgan War. If the reports of his behavior in a platoon of human are good a whole army of mark three will be produced. Platoon leader, sergeant Kowalski is determined to make life difficult for him. When the platoon is attacked by volg kill 'copters Hammerstein arrived just in time to save the last survivor. It is sergeant Kowalski, blinded by volgan weapons, who deliriously believes that Hammerstein is a human soldier (6 pages).


Mark one droids shot at anything that moved and mark two all surrender to the enemy. At the last page of the strip (third panel), one's can spot a 'Bill Savage Lives' graphitti.

Other publishing form:

Graphic novel:

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Ro-busters Book One 1983

Newsstands reprints:

2000 ad annual 1988
extreme edition #24 2007


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