bannière greysuit

bannière greysuit

2000 AD #1841

2000 ad #1841 ©Rebellion A/S
Series: Defoe

Publisher: Rebellion

Published: July 17 2013

ISBN/print: weekly magazine

Size/binding: A4 magazine

Cover: Dave Taylor

Title: The Damned part 6

Artist: Leigh Gallagher



Defoe, Tomazine and Damned manages to reach their armoured vehicle but its boiler has to be reactivate. It is done while defending the vehicle from the reeks led by Gong Scrimgeour. The later is cut to pieces and inserted into the furnace during the process. Faust is observing the scene from a magic portal and is willing to sent Jack after them (6 pages).


The means used to move the armoured vehicle, i.e. boiling water, is actually derived from Cugnot steam car.

Other publishing form:

None so far up to now.


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