bannière greysuit

bannière greysuit

05/12/2013 A lot is happening on the Millsverse front!

 For starter, 2000 AD "1861 displays a double length finale for Flesh "Badlanders":

Available in hard copy and digital form the second issue of Comic Archive with lots of Pat Mills related material inside (including Scatha, Ro-Busters, The Masquer, Metalzoïc ..). A must have for completist collector!

Also, the exclusive cover for the next reprint in the A.B.C. Warriors series (to be published in February 2014) has been revealed in its virgin and final form (art by Pye Parr):

On the Celtic warrior front I have finally had the time to finished the "Book of Scars" file, which is the perfect book to commemorate 30 years of slaughter.

What's next is .... now! Because today the latest adventure of the A.B.C. Warriors (until next week prog ;)) hits the stores:

And some Visible Man reprint material will follow very, very soon:

And because obviously I am in a good mood, lets finish by this beautiful Mike McMahon Joe Pineapple pin-up released yesterday:


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