bannière greysuit

bannière greysuit

Comic Archive: Beyond 2000 AD

beyond 2000 ad ©David McDonald
Series: Articles/Scatha/The Masquer

Publisher: David McDonald T/A Hibernia

Published: October 2013

ISBN/print: 1st edition

Size/binding: 25 x 21 cm thick paper magazine with cardboard cover

This second issue in David McDonald's Comic Archive series edited by Mike Donachie (only sold through Hibernia store via comicsy), contains a lot of articles and exclusive material related to the Millsverse. All article were written by David McDonald and edited by Mike Donachie:

  • an article about Starlod where we learn that the Planet of the Damned script was reused from 2000 AD leftover pile from prog #1, and only the firts issue was written by Pat Mills (the rest by Allan Hebden)
  • an article about Ro-busters
  • an article about Tornado where we learn that Wagner's Walk was not written by Pat Mills with the R. E. Wright pseudo
  • an article about 2000 AD in the USA displaying a very useful reprint checxklist
  • one of the highlight of this issue ias an article on strips commissioned for News on Sunday, a short live newspaper featuring Scatha by Pat Mills and Glenn Fabry, and The Masquer, a role playing game by Pat Mills and Ian Gibson. There were 10 episodes of Scatha produced, seven were published and reproduced in full color here along with the inks for the eighth (previously published in After Image #3, see below). As of The Masquer, the complete first and only double page episode published "You are a TV Mum" is also reprinted here.
  • another highlight is the article about Metalzoic featuring one of the pages from Ian Gibson's Mekomania portfolio
inks for Scatha episode eight from After Image #3

High resolution scans of the Scatha's strips can be seen at Pat Mills' blog. Note that I have intentionally decided to not reproduce here the exclusive material displayed in this fanzine because they are worth the 6£ (or even 2.50£ for the digital edition) you will have to spent to see it! 

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