bannière greysuit

bannière greysuit

Flesh (UK, Rebellion 2009)

flesh 2009 ©Rebellion A/S
Series: Flesh

Publisher: Rebellion A/S

Published: August 2009 (first edition)

ISBN/print: 978-1-906735-11-1

Size/binding: softcover (26 x 19 cm)

Cover:  Ramon Sola (from interior of 2000 AD #4)

Title: Flesh

Artists: Boix, Massimo Bellardinelli, Felix Carrion, Rufus Dayglo, Ramon Sola


  • Flesh Book 1 part 1 (2000 AD #1, February 26 1977)
  • Hand of Glory (2000 AD #1526, February 28 2007)


This first reprint on flesh has been published on thin glossy paper.

This paperback also features:
  • Kevin O'Neill's star scan advert from 2000 AD #4 (in B&W, see below for the original)
  • B&W covers of 2000 AD #87, 93
  • virgin D'Israeli illustrations for second and third of cover previously used for 2000 AD Extreme Edition #7 (see below):

Early project cover advertised on web shops was indeed this one:


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