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bannière greysuit

Flesh (UK Market)

By the 23rd century, most organic livestock is extinct, and mankind is surviving on synthetic food. Trans-Time corporation has managed to goes back to the age of dinosaurs to harvest their meat and beamed their flesh to the hungry future.
This strip created by Pat Mills and Boix, appeared in the very first issue of 2000 AD, and was in the spirit of Action's strip Hook Jaw, i.e. beasts savagely feasting on men on a weekly basis (see also Shako).
The story has been revived from time to time in the prog (sometimes without Mills on the script), but it has came back on a more regularly basis since 2011,  in the hands of artist James McKay.

Let's start with Flesh Book 1 that has ran in the prog for 19 episodes. All the strips have been either written (strip 1 for example), co-written or re-written by Pat Mils, with the help of Ken Armstrong, Studio Giolitti, Kelvin Gosnell and Geoffrey Miller.

2000 AD #3
2000 AD #8
2000 AD #14
2000 AD #17

This first arc has been collected in GN form by Rebellion:

Flesh Rebellion 2009
dino files rebellion 2011
Note that from prog #8 to 11 a Flesh card game has been proposed (I don't think it was scripted by pat Mills):

2000 ad #8
2000 ad #9
2000 ad #10
2000 ad #11
2000 ad #11

Also, from prog #96 to 98, 6 Flesh files TT guide to predators were published in the prog (and reprinted in B&W form in 2000 AD Annual 1989):

2000 ad #96
2000 ad #97
2000 ad #98
In 2000 AD #302, there is an Alan Grant's Time Twister tales 'Dr. Dale's Diary' that features a time traveler who's responsible for Dinosaurs extinction. A certain 'Mills' theory' that "cowboys from the future ranched the dinosaurs into extinction" is evoked in the strip (reprinted in 2000 AD Annual 1989).


Most recent apparition.

Flesh: Badlanders was first published in 2000 AD, starting with prog #1850 in September 2013, and finishing with a double length strip in prog #1861 (December 2013).

2000 ad #1853
2000 ad #1856
2000 ad #1858
2000 ad #1861

Flesh: Gorehead

2000 AD #2001
2000 AD #2005
2000 AD #2010

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