bannière greysuit

bannière greysuit

Savage (France, delcourt 2015)

savage ©Rebelion A/S
Series: Savage

Publisher: Delcourt

Published: June 2015 (first edition)

ISBN/print: 978-2-7560-6998-2

Size/binding: classic French hardcover  (28.5 x 21 cm)

Cover: Charlie Adlard (from 2000ad #1391)

Title: Savage

Artists: Charlie Adlard


This book is a translation of the 2007 UK Rebellion reprint, Savage Taking Liberties (all material originally printed in B&W). therefore it features:

  • Taking Liberties (Prendre des Libertés)
  • Out of Order (Hors Service)
  • Double Yellow (La Double Ligne Jaune)
  • Pat Mills March 2007 introduction, although with a different title ("C'est la misère, le peuple souffre affreusement")
  • three of the eight 2000 AD covers printed in B&W (prog #1396, #1452 and #1459), plus the one used for the cover of this book
  • original cover by Simon Parr is in a way present trough the chapter separation


This book is an oversized hardcover printed on thick mat paper (thin glossy paper for the original UK reprint). We can reasonably thank here the success of The walking Dead in France to understand why delcourt has chosen to published this first volume, the only one drawn by Charlie Adlard. Indeed, there is no mention anywhere in this edition as to this volume being the first of an ongoing series.

Delcourt has published a comprehensive preview of this book:

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