bannière greysuit

bannière greysuit

07/01/2016 Requiem Chevalier Vampire and Doctor Who Classics reprints in France this Month

The first volume of Doctor Who Classics French adaptation (from the 2008 IDW coloured series) has been sent to MyMajorCompany campaign contributors, and I have received my copy almost for Christmas. Its content is detailed here.

Also in France, the Glénat reprint of the Requiem Chevalier Vampire series will start January the 27th with the first volume (all new cover):

Last Month in the UK, the Bovril Brigade comics have been revived, with the participation of Pat Mills. The entire content can be accessed online here, and ordered for free here (and it works to France, thank you Mischief PR for that). More details here.

Pat Mills talks about this revival with Rhys Phillips during Radio Cardiff Breakfast on December 28th (a 6 minutes interview starting around 1h 36 min).

And finally, let's not forget part two of the latest A.B.C. Warriors series (Return to Ro-Busters) in 2000 AD #1962, with a splendid cover courtesy of Clint Langley.

You can access Pat Mills 2015 retrospective (in term of released material) by clicking on the Latest Releases section (fourth tab on the right). I wish you all a happy new year, and my resolution for 2016 is to reach the 1000th article.

... some subliminal illustrations ...

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